Ghirardelli’s Brownies…for Dummies (?)

A confession: I am a brownies snob. I know I am far from being the best baker in the world, but still, I am proud about being able to make a good batch of mean, delicious, and sometimes sinful brownies. Continue reading Ghirardelli’s Brownies…for Dummies (?)

How to Choose Pots and Pans: My Thoughts + A Review

I realize very well that aside from using quality ingredients and applying the right techniques at the kitchen, using the right kitchen tools is just as important.  After all, they do affect the way dishes come out. As a practical Continue reading How to Choose Pots and Pans: My Thoughts + A Review

Oprah's Favorite Popcorn

CHICAGO (Yep, I’m still here) — I think I have a mental list of people I wish I’d bump into when I am here in the States.  And while I am Chicago, of course, I would want to meet one Continue reading Oprah's Favorite Popcorn

Brie with Truffle: The Verdict

I love brie.  I love this rich, creamy cheese with bread, biscuits, or crackers.  I love it with pasta, especially when the dish is topped with arugula or spinach. I also love truffles.  I love making pasta or risotto with Continue reading Brie with Truffle: The Verdict