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About Comfort Zone with Ralph Guzman

COMFORT ZONE is described as a zone of safety, a state of being in which a person can exist, live, or operate without any anxiety.  And depending on the context, it can be either positive or negative.

In my books, it’s the name of my first foodcast — Comfort Zone with Ralph Guzman.  I’ve always believed in the positive power of food, and its power to comfort and bring people together.  Why Comfort Zone?  It’s a show that celebrates comfort food!  And the even greater news — cooking need not be a difficult experience.  In fact, one need not go out of his comfort zone to make delicious dishes to bring enrichment to one’s self, as well as friends and family.

So, are you looking for the best dishes?  I’m Ralph Guzman.  And remember, the best dishes are just within your Comfort Zone.

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