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(Alternative Title: If you plan to email me an invite, read this first)

When I decided to launch a site in 2008, my intent was very simple: to have an outlet that would allow me to continue writing.

Much has evolved since then.  I would like to believe that this site is not just an “outlet” anymore.  It is one of my life’s passions. It’s my alter ego after a long day at work.  It’s my avenue to improve my craft — writing, cooking, and everything else that comes with the two.

Having said these things, I value my work and I value the trust that people give me– a result of being a journalist in my past life.  I write now because I am even more passionate about it — and not because I am paid to do so.

I am open to receiving invitations, as I already am.  I will read them at the very least because I like being in the know.  But I will not accept money nor any incentive (and have not accepted such) in exchange for a company or restaurant to be written about. To put it bluntly, I can and will pay for my own meals. I can buy my own kitchen gadgets, thank you. And I believe I will do you (and myself, of course) a greater favor by writing with the fullest integrity.  I have loved reading other food blogs. But seeing how a few individuals have turned this wonderful craft into a money making scheme is just awful.  If you ask me, the worst thing I have heard is the growing stereotype that all food bloggers are paid hacks.


In fact, I rarely do restaurant reviews, which is where a lot of the money has been pouring in for others who have made a living out of blogging (unfortunately, some don’t even make a declaration).  If I do write a review, then there is really something that makes it stand out (good or really bad).  I will call a spade a spade.  Likewise, let me assure everyone out there that if I do provide constructed criticism, it is based on actual, honest, and objective experience — and not just because someone has paid me to “bash.”  So if I say that your restaurant’s walnuts and service are bad, believe me, they are really bad — so you better listen up if you want to keep your business open.**

So call me a snob.  It’s a free country 🙂 But while I am no celebrity, I value the limited trust that people have given me.

This was never a “restaurant review blog.” My passion is to create dishes, to share my love for food, to bring people together through it.  So welcome to my blog — my journey in the language of food.  Here, I write truthful, authentic stories.  Join me as I cook — and enjoy — delicious food.


** Trivia? I had an awful, awful experience at a restaurant sometime 2012. My complaining to the staff fell on deaf ears. So I warned people via Twitter as the establishment’s official communication channels weren’t working.  The next morning, the chef started bashing me online! (Was it the chef? Or was it a troll?  Maybe he was both chef and troll as he acted more like the latter!) I knew where I stood, so I simply ignored and blocked him.  I advocate excellent customer service in my day job.  And if there’s one thing  establishments should know, quality is defined by the customer. So that fellow may have gotten away with bashing me.  But where is he now?  The restaurant closed down.  While I don’t delight in the misfortunes of others, well, I wanted to say, “I told you so.”  And yes, good and bad deeds go back to the person who sends them.

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