UP ECOSOC’s Foodgasm Tonight!

UP Ecosoc Foodgasm 2014

The truth is, while I have always seen myself as an authority in food and cooking, I only see myself as an authority in my kitchen. Notice how I’ve italicized the “my” so that there is no misinterpretation, haha. But life has been good. I’ve been blessed not just with validation from

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Getting There, Going Back

Hi, Friends!

Well, if you check this humble blog often enough, then you might have noticed that I went on “hiatus” starting September 2013. I did promise to resume in December, but needed to take an extended break.

While blogging– and cooking have taken the back burner these past few months, a lot has transpired

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Hiatus: See you in December :)

Hi, friends! Hope that all is well with all of you. As you may have observed, it’s been a while — ages — since I last dropped by to post something. I’m juggling so many important and exciting things as of late, writing about food has taken a back seat. I miss writing dearly, times

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A Celebration of Filipino Food


Even if I have long left the mainstream media, people would still ask me what’s it like to work on TV, and how the industry really is.

And add to this two of the more perennial questions. ”Ralph, when you’re out on field, are you friends with reporters of other stations? Does the network war

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Capellini with Red Basil Pesto and Shrimp Roe Confetti

Red Basil Pesto Capellini - RatedRalph.com

There’s a rather prominent chain of Italian casual dining restaurants that is famous for a number of imaginative and delicious pasta dishes. My girlfriend TJ and I go there occasionally when we need a quick pasta fix. Somehow, we would find ourselves satisfied enough with the place. Unfortunately though, the place has a

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Jessica Soho vs. Vice Ganda: State of the Media

Allow me to deviate from my usual food writing as I reflect on an important issue that involves mass media and society. Having worked in broadcast journalism in the past, I have always strongly believed that media practitioners have a serious obligation to their audiences — whether you are on TV, radio, print — or

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