Happy Thanksgiving!

I have had a most scary schedule and load these past few months.  So much so, that I haven’t really had the opportunity to stop by and do what I love the most after cooking — writing.  But there are days when one has to just stop in the middle of all the chaos and really do some thought processing.  And there are days when you just can’t afford to let another day go by as if it were an item on one’s to-do list.

I believe today is one of them.

Earlier today, I received a text message from my girlfriend.  She greeted me a happy thanksgiving.  I felt a bit weird and for a while, I didn’t know how to reply.  Well, we’re in a country where thanksgiving isn’t really being celebrated.  Although, I know it is a celebration for some Filipinos — those in the BPO’s and shared  services companies to be exact.  Today is — was — a non-working day for them as their American counterparts are busy preparing for and celebrating the holiday. Well, I’m sure that those employees didn’t spend the day roasting or brining a turkey.

As for me, I really have not been thinking about the holiday.  I couldn’t relate to it.  I just remember how US-based relatives of mine were sort of forced to celebrate the holiday several years back.  You see, as Filipinos, they didn’t find the holiday relevant too, given the history of thanksgiving.  But at some point, it had to be celebrated.  Apparently, my cousin’s teachers were quite shocked to know during the next Monday’s show and tell that my cousins just stayed home and didn’t do anything special.  Knowing that such non-practice would be a potential problem, my aunt and uncle decided to celebrate Thanksgiving the following year.

As for me in the last few days, I just thought of two things for this holiday.  First is Black Friday!  I have been thinking of online shopping, free apps for the iPhone, etc.  And then, of course, there are the recipes.  Filipinos prefer chicken over turkey because truth be told, we find the latter bland.  But did you know that turkey recipes taste so great when you use chicken instead?

Anyway, so back to the text.  There I was:  harassed with work plus the added burden of an exam.  And then suddenly, this text comes in: Happy Thanksgiving!   I did reply with thoughts and words of love.  Although I must say that I still didn’t know how to feel about Thanksgiving itself.

Not until an hour before Black Friday.

So ok, I still can’t relate to harvests, turkeys, etc.  So ok, I am not American. But I do realize all the more today the value of giving thanks, the value of being grateful.  And of course, the value of giving thanks to the ones you love.

And of course, it goes without saying that we need not wait for the fourth Thursday of November to say thanks.  Nor should we wait for Christmas, Easter, etc.  Every single day is a day of real thanksgiving.

So tonight, in the middle of my chaos, I say thanks.

I give thanks for being alive.

I give thanks for the work I do and the people I am able to serve and make a difference to — no matter how difficult it could be at times.

I give thanks for my education.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn finance.  And I am grateful for the silver lining an exam in finance can give.

I give thanks to the people I work with.  Thank you, Guthrie-Jensen, for being my home. I am thankful to my team — old and new.  I thank you for the great company and even greater understanding.

I am grateful to my EMBA class for the learnings, the laughs, and all the sharing.

I am grateful to the readers who visit this site, whether deliberate or accidental.  Thank you for coming!

I give thanks to my best friends who are there through thick and thin.  You know who you are.  The truth is, when I was younger, I only prayed for just one best friend.  When it seemed that God thought it best not to give me one, He actually gifted me with so much more!

I give thanks to my family and relatives for being my anchor and constant inspiration.  For assuring me of your presence no matter what.

And most especially,  I give thanks to you, T, for reminding me on what Thanksgiving is all about.  For the constant understanding.  For helping me see with the right perspective.  And even loving me more than I do myself.  For always inspiring me to go higher.  For inspiring me to push the boundaries.  Great thanks.

There are many more things, many more people I want to be thankful for.  Thank you.  My constant prayer is that I could return the love and care you have showered me.  God bless you more and more!