10 On-the-Spot Food Ideas

I’ve given myself a challenge: to think of 10 on-the-spot, easy, and of course, delicious recipes, which I am now writing as I think.  Let’s begin!  Now, because this one’s on the spot, you will need your imagination because there are no pictures…yet.  I look forward to cooking these one of these days.

1) Pasta sauce: saute chopped bacon, ground beef, oregano, thyme. Add chopped tomatoes, a pinch of sugar or honey, tomato sauce, cheese.

2) Sandwich: An egg salad sandwhich. Get two slices of bread. Put in a slice of cheese. For the spread: boiled egg, mayonnaise, 1 tbsp of mustard, chopped cilantro, salt and pepper, toasted bacon.

3) Corny mashed potatoes: Boil potatoes. Mash potatoes using food processor.  Add milk, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese, toasted garlic, a little olive oil, fresh corn kernels.

4) Fried chicken: Instead of using bread crumbs, I’ll use crushed popcorn and flour. Fry in a mixture of oil and butter.  Saute with garlic.  But first, marinade in salt water for 4 hours, and then buttermilk for 4 hours before frying.

5) Another pasta sauce: Spinach-basil-cilantro pesto. Food processor the 3 ingredients with olive oil, garlic, salt, cheese.

6) Fried aligue rice: saute garlic, white onion, garlic, aligue (crab fat), and sliced imitation crab sticks.  Add rice and spring onions.

7) Ice cream sandwich: Get two large chocolate chip cookies.  Put a scoop of chocolate ice cream in between and form into a sandwich.  Brush the side with melted chocolate and drizzle with toasted pecans.

8 ) Adobo sandwich: Get a baguette.  Fill with heated, leftover chicken-pork adobo (make sure that meat is chopped into flakes).  Add sliced boiled egg and freshly-chopped cilantro.

9) Jazzed up lugaw/congee: Add chicharon (pork rind), red eggs, spring onion, toasted garlic, fried chicken to plain lugaw

10) Creamy tomato-basil soup: Saute garlic in olive oil, chopped tomatoes, add beef broth, cream.  Top with croutons and chopped basil.


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