Swing Out Sister's Breakout meets Sound of Music

Another lovely rendition of Swing Out Sister’s Breakout, performed in California last June.  I agree with other YouTube users about it being the best SOS video so far in terms of quality.

What a great treat! And I love the twist SOS used in this version.  Who would have thought they’d be able to use a song from The Sound of Music?! BEAUTIFUL!

2 Replies to “Swing Out Sister's Breakout meets Sound of Music”

  1. Ralph thanks for posting this link. I love listening to SOS whatever versions they may have on this. You had me revisited the kind of music which most everyone has stopped listening to, in the same way that I seem to be listening to old school music again…..

  2. Ralph thanks for posting this. I love S.O.S whatever rendition they may have on this it will still be the kind of music that stays with you and slowly wafts its way into your psyche. One can get on with one’s day while listening to this one o…f a kind BLAST from the PAST tune. =) Hope to see you soon!

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