Ralph, the Ice Cream

Ralphs Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream - ralphguzman.org

I have developed and conducted training to several companies.

Now, this is what I call customizing ice cream!

My Tito Joy came home to the Philippines last May, bringing with him a box of wonderful treats — chocolate truffles.  Unfortunately, I stored it wrong, causing all the chocolate to melt.

So I decided to “salvage” it.  I froze the melted chocolate and divided it into half.  The first half, I melted again and mixed into the vanilla ice cream base (you’ll need an ice cream maker for this).  The other half remained solid.  I chopped it into chunks, and combined this with the ice cream base.

The result was my own chocolate truffle ice cream.  I had extra melted chocolate left to literally put my imprint into my work.  How’s that for a “customized” dessert?

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