How to Conduct a Good Interview

Whether I am speaking from the viewpoint of a trainer or a former reporter, a frequently asked question is how to conduct a good interview.

When one thinks about it, many of the principles are the same.  Preparation is key.  So is keeping the interviewee at ease.  Listening is most essential.  And of course, there is intelligently crafting and asking your questions.  Surely, we probe, and not just limit ourselves to questions answerable by yes or no.

One of the most revered interviewers on television news, CBS’ Katie Couric shares tips on how to conduct good interviews.  One of the more recent interviews she has received praise for was her interview with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  Some sectors would argue that Couric’s interview (along with ABC’s Charles Gibson’s) revealed the real Palin — which, come to think of it, makes Tina Fey’s sketches seem like the real thing.

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