BREAKING NEWS: Gibo Teodoro Concedes to Aquino

Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro has conceded to Noynoy Aquino. Gibo made the announcement in front of the media.  He has congratulated Aquino, who happens to be his second cousin.

Partial results have shown Gibo in fourth place, lagging behind frontrunner Aquino, Estrada, and Villar. Villar had conceded earlier during the day. Two other aspirants, Richard Gordon and JC delos Reyes have also conceded earlier.

In his official twitter page, the former defense secretary and administration candidate has also called to help the poor and reform the charter with the new government. Teodoro also asserts that the administration coalition, Lakas-Kampi, is still the dominant party.

Gibo says he will be going back to the private sector.

During the campaign period, Teodoro was consistently in fourth place, with survey ratings in the single digit level.

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  3. He deserved to be the next President! I was very devastated with the results. Despite my busy work, I was an active volunteer in the field and you can see people are waking up and wanting the same thing, a better Philippines. I never cared about Politics until he came along. Here in Negros, people come out of the streets to campaign for him, people from all walks of life. We were so eager to vote for him, in the biggest barangay here in Bacolod, Hundreds of Gibo supporters are very eager to vote that day just to realize the PCOS machine reported only 14 votes for Teodoro. We go like WTF, the system itself is screwing us. Everything was staged right at the very beginning of the campaign. Yet Gibo concede responsibly and with dignity. Above all, we’re very proud of the man we supported! Gilbert Teodoro earned our highest respect and will serve as a motivation that someday…someday, we can have a new era in Philippine Politics base on integrity, competence and character. =)

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