Yema Balls with Ube Filling

Filipinos have a love affair with practically every dish that has custard.  Yema is one of them. People love its golden color, and go crazier over its rich, sweet, creamy taste. These custard candy balls are usually eaten as dessert Continue reading Yema Balls with Ube Filling

Daydreams and Recipes

Do you have daydreams?  I do– a lot.  My daydreams have variety.  Like  lofty ambitions, a vision for the company where I have my day job, projects for the house.  And of course, I daydream about food.  No, I don’t Continue reading Daydreams and Recipes

The Evolution of Sticky Rice in My Kitchen

There is so much to eat in Thailand.  As of this writing, I have been to the kingdom three times, and those times, those Bangkok food trips, have not been enough to really get a taste of everything.  At least Continue reading The Evolution of Sticky Rice in My Kitchen

Chocolate Strawberry Butter Cake

People often ask how I make my dishes.  Like everyone else, I look at cookbooks, and I have a shelf filled with cookbooks.  My iPad also is full of apps and electronic versions of cookbooks.  And while I visit a Continue reading Chocolate Strawberry Butter Cake

Sugar Free Dessert: Banana Split (Recipe 3 of 3)

Who says you can’t have ice cream for dessert if you’re diabetic or trying to lose weight?  Who says you can’t indulge in banana split? Certainly not me.  Here is my sugar free version of banana split.  Instead of regular Continue reading Sugar Free Dessert: Banana Split (Recipe 3 of 3)