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Ralph Guzman: My Living History in A Number of Paragraphs

A day before I was born, my mom, an ENT Specialist performed three operations.  I have been told that immediately after her third operation, she went into labor.  And shortly after that, I was born.

Many people — especially my mom — thought I would be a doctor one day.  So what happened?

Two things.  First, I didn’t like biology in high school.  I hated dissecting frogs.  And second, my mom bought me my first video camera in sophomore year.  Add to this my inclination to journalism, writing, the school paper and what do you get?  A journalist in the making.

The Broadcast Journalist

I was hired immediately after graduation by GMA News and Public Affairs as a TV News Correspondent.  I started out reporting crime stories.  I then got a “promotion” and political stories, having covered the presidency and the House of Representatives.  Along the way, I thrived on stories about calamities, which I believe, were very challenging but character-building.  And I got quite a fulfillment anchoring the station’s hourly news updates.

The Consultant

After almost five years doing the news, I wanted further growth.  And, it was clear through lots of prayer that I was being called somewhere else.  And when the Philippines’ leading management and training consultancy firm came knocking, I opened the door.  I am now a managing consultant at Guthrie-Jensen.  My day job involves wearing several hats.  I wear the hat of a trainer, teaching communication programs like presentation skills and communication assertiveness to professionals from different industries.  I also head the marketing of the company’s public seminars.  On top of these, I am finishing my Executive MBA program at the Asian Institute of Management.

I love being a consultant because I don’t just get to teach, but it’s a job that allows me to equip people with real skills they can use in their jobs.  For me, it’s a job that allows me to help people work better so that they can realize their full potential and be better providers for their families.  Teaching is service in action and not just words, and I love every minute of it.  I also learn from my participants themselves, and when I think of training, I am reminded of a biblical passage from the book of Sirach: A man with training gains wide knowledge; a man of experience speaks sense (Sirach 34:9).

The Foodie, Blogger, and Beyond

Many things have changed over the years and my life has been an incredible journey made colorful by family, friends, and other loved ones.  And one thing that has remained constant, I have realized is my love for… food!

I have been been a foodie since I was a child.  My family would still joke me to this very day about how I passionately talked about spaghetti, hotdogs, and Chinese dumplings in my sleep when I was about four years old.  The kitchen was my favorite playground, and even now, it still is.

So now, for the next chapter in my life, I am going back to something I have always been passionate about — food.  Cooking it.  Writing about it.  Sharing it.  Being a foodie, and living the life of a foodie.  I will never tire saying this, but I love how food brings comfort to people, and I love how it brings people together.  As I have said over and over again, I have made many good friends because of food.  Isn’t food just wonderful?

Nope, I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon.  But if there’s one thing I’ve realized in this journey, life is too short to not explore the many other dreams that we have.  And the time was ripe to finally answer an additional calling.

The result: my blog about my love for food and my desire to share it.  And, my first foodcast, Comfort Zone with Ralph Guzman.  Why produce a show?  To drive home a point — that anyone and everyone can cook.  And, in fulfilling one’s dreams and passions, my realization is that oftentimes, it is only our own selves blocking the way.  So, just go for your dreams and do it.  Many times, you have to make the opportunity yourself.  As expected, there have been many challenges producing a one-person project, but definitely, it has been a lot of fun.  It has been most fulfilling to share my recipes as a foodie.

And, things have been falling into place since then.

What’s next?  I have no idea.  But I wake up everyday excited about what awaits me.  And I am even more excited about the things I will do with this great project called life.  (To be continued, of course).

– June 15, 2011

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