Breaking News: Manny Villar concedes to Noynoy Aquino


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Breaking News: Manny Villar concedes to Noynoy Aquino!

Initial reports are coming in from journalists covering Manny Villar’s (now ongoing) 11:00 a.m. press conference.  Press conference at the headquarters of the Nacionalista Party at Starmall Edsa.

Partial unofficial and official election results have have been showing Villar as a far third from top contenders, Noynoy Aquino and former president Joseph Estrada.

Villar is the first candidate to concede in this election.  The incumbent senator, who is expected to return to the Senate until his term ends in 2013, has congratulated Aquino. Villar has also thanked his supporters and the media, and says that he will continue his work of public service.

As of Villar’s announcement, his runningmate, Sen. Loren Legarda has not made any announcement. She is also a far third from Sen. Mar Roxas and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.

More details to be posted soon.

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21 Replies to “Breaking News: Manny Villar concedes to Noynoy Aquino”

  1. dapat kasi matagal nya ng ginawa yan. in the first place sya mismo nakakaalam ng mga kasinungalingan nya- presenting himself as the savior is far from reality. simply absurd and hilarious. good bye villar history made it clear. dapat nga wag ka ng bumalik sa senado after all the lies and the deceit.

  2. i congratulate villar for what he did… he is my president and i still believe in his capacity. i pledge my support to the a

  3. i congratulate villar for what he did… he is my president and i still believe in his capacity. i pledge my support to the aquino administration and in my own little ways, i will help my country out of poverty due to elitist conspiracy…someday, we will all be able to choose intelligently because we are all educated and we have realized how the elite controlled our fate…

  4. i hated this man’s guts all throughout the campaign. however, i couldn’t help but admire him for being the 1st candidate to concede. it takes a real man to be able to do that. and i really felt for him when he did his press conference this morning. for the very first time i felt his sincerity.

  5. I salute Senator Villar.
    He shows compassion.
    Even though the Filipino people do not believe in his credibility, he still wants to help the whole country specially the poor.
    Villar was rejected by the people, just like Jesus – He was mocked, but He still gave His life for us who are sinners.

    I pray that we will all have the same kind of compassion to help our nation.
    Let us pray for our new president and other officials.
    Let us show our respect and cooperation.
    That’s what Jesus wants us to do.

    God bless our nation!

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  8. Villar for all we know, is a man of his own words… I, with my own study of all the presidentiables, found the sincerity and capacity in this man… He is my President and i am proud i voted for this humble man…

    To all people out there, who, inspite of all this man’s humility, still wanted to disgrace this man, I am telling you, only those who have not lied or sinned even once in his life, have the right to mock this man (or any man)…

    Villar is a man of purity and compassion, God bless your heart.

  9. alot of you people talk about politics as if you know anything about it. you only know what the politicians want you to know. i come for a political family, and what people generally know is twisted reality. everyone’s a criminal, even my family is criminal, but we are small time compared to these guys. ever wonder why villar was the only one grilled when all these other known presidentiables have killed, stolen and deceived the public in the same fashion? we all know, “ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa mag nanakaw”, and for these fools to grill villar means that there is something about him that they don’t want. they are not righteous so what the hell do they want? he’s a land grabber, that’s a fact, he has pressured banks and government institutions to follow his will, that’s a fact. but say he stole 5 billion pesos worth of money, but that is nothing compared to what others have done. take corazon aquino for instance, she made a land reform program but chose to give her family’s lands special exemptions. then ramos, he made away billions from the philippine expo, no one did anything about it. you know why? because they were team players. villar was up to something and they did not like it, so they put him down. believe me when I say the VILLAR IS THE LESSER EVIL AMONG THEM ALL, but he was not ready to play along so they tagged him. Hell, jamby ran just to slander villar.

  10. wag tyo manghusga…wlang nkakaalam stin kung cno tlg s knila ang totoo unless kilala natin cla personally…lahat tyo nghihintay n lang s pag-unlad ng ating bansa…keep on praying yan tlg ang totoo at maaari nating gawin sa sitwasyon ng ating bansa…

  11. for me, Senator Manny will always be the best leader.,
    things work together for good to those who love God and to those who
    are called according to HIS will”
    romans 8:28

    dapat lang n bigyan xa ng chance to clean his name., very humble person, onga at dapat sana ngawa nya un nung nagccampaign plang, but i know, Sen. Manny Villar has an excelent reason kung bkit d xa ngsalita while on his campaign., ang focus nya ksi non ay kung paano mlalaman ng tao ang kanyang plans for our beloved contry., I salute you Senator., God bless po and keep it up for GOD’s glory 🙂

  12. Jet, kahit indi naten alam kung may reason behind dun sa ginawa ni Villar, nasa tama ang ginawa nya. Wag ka namn sana maging isang bulag para makita ang tama o mali.

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  16. I wish that people of the philippines will be more wiser and critical in choosing a president o kahit sino pang pulitiko na magiging involved sa kalakaran ng buhay natin. Hindi puro emosyon at kabaitan ang panuntunan natin sa pamimili. Pinagaralan ko talaga ang boto ko and villar deserves a vote from me. this malicious allegations are crap… masyado tayong mga Pilipino nagpabulag sa black propagandas! nakalimutan na natin kung bakit ba tayo boboto at para saan ba ang boto natin. Puro na lang tayo sa charms… mapapakain ba ang mahihirap ng mga charms! corruption starts from the root and isa dito ang poverty… we should aim to step by step eradicate poverty! yan yun! ano tayo magrrally forever para puksain ang korupsyon… Naghatian lang ng boto para may lumutang na isa… sana lang hindi siya puro political advisors ang relay ng problema. sana makapag decide siya pn his own… gudluck sa mga senatoriables… porke sikat at yun natandaan sa ballot yung ishshade. kawawang pilipino di na natuto… kelan pa ba… give chance to others, tagal niyo na jan eh.

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