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Ralph Guzman / / Foodie A Filipino Food Blogger based in Manila, Philippines Winner, 2011 Philippine Blog Awards - Food & Beverage Category

IHOP Manila is Now Open!

Yes, you read it right!  The long wait is over. Pancake and breakfast lovers do not have to fly all the way to the States to enjoy a delicious brekkie.  We now have IHOP in the Philippines!  The restaurant chain Continue reading IHOP Manila is Now Open!

Ghirardelli’s Brownies…for Dummies (?)

A confession: I am a brownies snob. I know I am far from being the best baker in the world, but still, I am proud about being able to make a good batch of mean, delicious, and sometimes sinful brownies. Continue reading Ghirardelli’s Brownies…for Dummies (?)

Slow Cook Ragu ala RatedRalph

It’s amazing how delicious many dishes still are, even if they are the product of 30-minute meals, quick-cook boxes, and other cooking styles that require effortless and almost brainless cooking. I myself do these dishes once in a while, especially Continue reading Slow Cook Ragu ala RatedRalph