Create Your Own Dish… at a Buffet

I recently came from a vacation from beautiful Cebu.  I stayed in two good hotels during the trip since I explored two different areas of the Philippines’ queen city of the south.  Both hotels had breakfast buffets.  There goes my diet yet again.


Enjoying dessert in Cebu

The truth is, I love breakfast buffets.  It’s convenient. It’s instant comfort food. I also love eating at breakfast buffets especially when there are no appointments to think or worry about.  And I love the variety of breakfast dishes to choose from.  Still, I do know that a number of people who dislike breakfast buffets, particularly at hotels.  Such is understandable.  I mean, if you are, let us say, staying at a hotel for a week or more, most probably, you will see the very same dishes every single day.  And somehow, you are forced to eat whatever is available.  Yikes!

This need not be the case.  You can create your own signature dishes at (breakfast) buffets.  And whenever I am having breakfast at a hotel, I see what concoctions can be created by using the hotel’s prepared ingredients.  After all, if hotels encourage their patrons to make their own ice cream at the ice cream station, why can’t we make other dishes that would truly satisfy our cravings?

Last Saturday, I turned the plain croissant into a Bacon-Ham Croissant Sandwich.

Bacon-Ham Croissant Sandwich -
I sliced the croissant in half.  And I simply put together two slices of ham, a slice of bacon, two fresh onion rings, cream cheese and lettuce.  It was soooo delicious!  You’ve got to try it. At least, if you’re staying in a hotel for a week, you won’t end up eating the exact same thing every day.

In the past, I also made a croissant sandwich using smoked salmon, lettuce and cream cheese.  It was also a winner.

At another breakfast buffet, my girlfriend made French toast with maple syrup, slices of mango, and bacon strips.

They don’t take any effort at all, and the possibilities are endless.  All you need is a little imagination.

3 Replies to “Create Your Own Dish… at a Buffet”

  1. Hi Ralph. How are you doing? I would like to say my favorite Meal of the day is Breakfast 🙂 I love eating scrambled eggs sunny side up eggs benedict 🙂 Ralph when can we watch 2nd Episode of Comfort Zone? 🙂

    • Hey, Paolo! Yum! Eggs Benedict is delicious. 🙂 As of this time, I’m filming the 2nd episode. I’m hoping to make a release this Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully.

  2. Hahaha I know what you mean. A buffet is like a foodie’s land of gold! When I was in Shang and I had breakfast buffet there I made a smoked salmon w/onion and brie cracker thing. It was my an absolute fave! Mixing and matching buffet food is so much FUN!! Everything is cooked and laid out for one to just mix and match everything into an interesting dish.

    Krystle Lane

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