Reporter's Notebook: The Partylist System in the Philippines

The video below is a story I produced and wrote in 2007 for the public affairs program, Reporter’s Notebook.

Three years later, the concerns this story raised remain relevant.  There is still much improvement in terms of educating the public about what the system really is for.  And there are still many loopholes in the law and the system that need to be addressed.  I will be writing more about the partylist system within the week.

Click on “Read Full Story” to watch the video.

2 Replies to “Reporter's Notebook: The Partylist System in the Philippines”

  1. the partylist system is a good idea. but majority of the partylist groups officially listed by comelec do not represent the marginalized sectors. a good number of the groups who won a seat in the last election, seem to be just fronts for certain political groups or persuasions.
    the marginalized sectors that need representation more than ever are the disabled, the deaf-blind-mute, the indigenous tribes, and the war veterans.

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