What I didn't know: the Viewer's Choice Award Goes to…RALPHGUZMAN.ORG!

Note: RatedRalph.com is now my official website.

This one is for the books.

I attended to the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Friday night.  I’m very easy to please, so I was perfectly happy experiencing the night itself, seeing this site’s name on the souvenir program as a finalist, as well as seeing my blog’s name on the screen.  And my curiosity was satisfied when I saw and met the real people behind some of the interesting Pinoy blogs.  So they really do exist after all!

As I got home, I checked my e-mail and Facebook.  And I saw a good number of congratulatory messages.  Huh?  What are they congratulating me about? I didn’t go up the stage.  Until finally, I saw this post of my friend, Paolo Capino. Apparently, I won the Flippish Viewer’s Choice Award!

Being the journalist I am, I wanted to get a confirmation first hand.  At 2:00 a.m., there wasn’t any.  Plus one very important fact: I was present during the ceremony and did not hear anything.  It was too good to be true, I surmised.   Hanep, I was in the awards night and I won without my knowing?

Until I got more details from Paolo a few hours later.  And finally, Saturday night, I got the confirmation myself by watching the replay of the Philippine blog awards.  The simple explanation: they announced the award on the web, and not during the live show.

Having put everything in context — let me say a great, big THANK YOU!

Thank you to the Philippine Blog Awards and Flippish.com for the award. And Congratulations to voter Rene Boy Ortizuela, who is now the winner of a new cellphone from Flippish.com

Thanks to everyone who voted: My family, relatives, my Guthrie-Jensen family, my good, dear friends from news industry, friends from all over.

Of course, thanks to all of you dear readers of RALPHGUZMAN.ORG — whether you are from the Philippines, the US (don’t forget Winona…Stanford, and San Diego!), Canada, Asia, Europe — and even the Middle East and yes, Marshall Islands!

And most especially to TJ.

All things considered, the real award is having your friendship and support.  You know, it’s easy to call on people to vote through one’s blog, Facebook, or even Twitter especially if there is a prize for the ones who vote.  BUT — it’s another thing when those who vote really choose to vote for you out of 20 nominees.  So I really am touched.  You, readers, are the real judge of any site.  And the real award, too, I believe, is having the opportunity to help and be of service through writing — whether in the form of a commentary, giving tips and advice, or even a recipe.

Thanks again, friends!  You’ve given me so much more inspiration to go beyond reporting and yes, write for a purpose.  May God bless you more and more!

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