RALPHGUZMAN.ORG at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards!

Note: ratedralph.com is now my official website.

When I decided to leave the mainstream media in 2008, I was set to venture into new avenues of growth in a different industry.  But one thing’s for sure: I did not want  to stop writing, finding and humbly using my voice — to contribute in the marketplace of ideas, to share information and insights, to fight for what is right and true through writing — to serve freely and to write without any fear.  This resolve realized one night in January 2008 turned into something concrete: My site, RALPHGUZMAN.ORG.

In developing this personal blog site, I am somehow aware that I have defied the temptation to focus on just one topic or category, which makes a blog more commercially viable, profitable, and memorable.  But I am not writing for profit.  And why limit my sharing of information — my service — to just one category.  That is why defining this personal blog, I have chosen to write about my different facets: news and commentary, learnings on the job, food, travels, and yes, even giving advice to those who need it.

Although I have not moved mountains nor caused any miracles, it has been a privilege writing and contributing to the marketplace of ideas.  It has been a pleasure to know that some of my commentaries would be picked up and used in the news.  And it’s always a pleasure sharing recipes that do bring people together.

It has been a great (writing) journey since then.  And 276 posts later, I feel more energized to write to serve. Thanks to all of you.

And thanks to you still, I am very pleased and excited to say the good news.  This site, RALPHGUZMAN.ORG is a finalist at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, Personal Blog Category.

Let me say that I am very humbled with the recognition, and as it is, I am already perfectly happy with being a finalist.  It is a recognition of the hard work and hours I put into this site.  Congratulations too, to all fellow finalists!

Already, let me thank the organizers.  And most importantly, let me thank all of you readers here and abroad for giving me continuous inspiration to use writing to inform and serve.  Thanks to you all, I have found my voice.

Please Vote — and Win a Cellphone!

Aside from being nominated in the Personal Blog Category, I am also very happy to tell you that this site has been nominated to the Flippish Viewer’s Choice Award, sponsored by Nokia.

I must say that I find this development very exciting as well, and I’d now like to ask for your help by soliciting your votes.

If you’ve liked this site and have found the content of this site helpful or informative, please cast your vote for RALPHGUZMAN.ORG by clicking here or clicking on the picture/banner.  And good news!  You can even win a cellphone from Nokia by casting your vote. Please vote today.  Voting ends on October 9 at 3:00 p.m.

The Awards Night will be held on October 9, 5:00 p.m. at the PETA-PHINMA Theater in New Manila, Quezon City.

For Typhoon Ondoy Victims

One last important thing:The Philippine Blog Awards and RockEd have launched a drive to help the victims of typhoon Ondoy.  They are requesting for donations, particularly clothes, towels, blankets, and shoes.  Donations will be collected at the lobby of the PETA-PHINMA Theater before the program begins.

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