Blog Action Day '09: The Inconvenient but Obvious Truth

Nasa huli nga ang pagsisisi.  In the past, we have turned a blind eye on climate change.  We — both the government and the public — thought it was only the problem of industrialized countries. We thought it best to leave it to a handful of countries to act against it.

But now, our eyes have not only been opened to yes, the inconvenient truth, but we experienced the worst of climate change first hand.  For that, we came blame typhoons Milenyo, Reming, and Seniang.  And now, Ondoy and Pepeng.

As we pick up the pieces after Ondoy and Pepeng, we are at the realization that the worst may not yet be over.  The worst may still yet to come if we still refuse to act.

And so, I join Blog Action Day 2009 in its crusade against climate change.  For us Filipinos, the campaign is not only timely, but critical.

Our challenge — to vote for leaders in 2010 who have a true, clear, and concrete agenda to fight climate change. We need to formulate and enact laws that help save the environment (For starters, what has happened to the Clean Air Act?).

The greatest challenge — for each of us to act in small and big ways.  The obvious truth: the power to make a difference still is all in our hands.

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