A Most Inspiring TV Commercial for These Trying Times

If you haven’t seen it, I’m posting it here. My good friend, Fr. Mon Bernal gave me the tip about this well-produced Pantene shampoo commercial in Thailand. Although I am not plugging or endorsing the shampoo brand, I do appreciate its beautiful message — something we can use during these trying and difficult times. It features a girl who is hearing-impaired, who struggles to play the violin. Beautiful!

Video courtesy of Youtube.

3 Replies to “A Most Inspiring TV Commercial for These Trying Times”

  1. Hi Ralph! Yes, this TVC is really touching. I remember TEN getting a lot of email reaxes when we showed this last summer. We erased the shampoo brand when we aired it syempre. After that dumami na ang requests for touching Thai ads. We spent like two weeks of Sidetracked, Thai TVC edition, naging series na! hehehe Thanks for reminding me about this. Panahon na para maghanap uli ng mga bagong touching and funny Thai ads sa YOUTUBE.

  2. Oo nga, Jove, aabangan ko lahat yan sa TEN. Hmmm… maybe I can even look for videos for you. Hey, I tuned in to TEN last night, pero sa number 2 na ako umabot 🙁 Hope to come home earlier so that I can start TEN from the beginning of your telecast.

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