Still Showing: Ads of Trapos during Ondoy's Aftermath

It is good that partisan politics has virtually been set aside with the aftermath of typhoon Ondoy.  Personally, what is top priority now is to help the victims, rather than point the blaming finger on the accountable officials and agencies of government. Truth be told, this is the reason why I have personally chosen to refrain from writing a commentary to process what had happened as of now.  That is why I have chosen to publish hotline numbers first to help with information dissemination on how to help Ondoy’s victims.

Still, a comprehensive review of what has happened should be made soon to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again.

Every bit of help is needed.  Hence, it is really excusable — if not completely all right — that some presidentiables and other aspirants for 2010 have launched relief operations for victims.  Let’s be practical.  Every bit of help is needed.

I would even say that if they are really serious about serving the country in 2010, this is the perfect time for them to prove their willingness and ability to serve the country.  It is a pity that some politicos have been scarce as of late.

But there is something I cannot take sitting down.  There is something I could not be silent about.

I am so appalled and disgusted with the continued broadcast and printing of a number of ads from 2010 aspirants.  It really is in bad taste.  Instead of spending thousands on daily ads, I really wish they would spend the money on providing aid to those who need it.

Even if these ads were courtesy of “Friends of _____”, the trapos involved should at least do something to divert funds to relief operations instead of self-serving ads.  They should know that they would get more votes by putting their money where it should be. And come on, do we really believe that their “friends” were behind those ads?

I am personally saddened and surprised to know that one of the radio ads I have been hearing since Monday belongs to a so-called anti-trapo leftist.  How ironic it is that this incumbent official herself has now become a trapo for having her ads broadcast still!  Hindi uubra ang ganyan sa mga botante!

Another personality has been releasing daily ads on newspapers.  He’s not even in the radar, and one wonders if he really has done anything significant.  One wonders why he is even thinking of the presidency.  He must be hallucinating, hindi kaya?

And how true is it that some officials refuse to give relief goods until the media would come to give them coverage?  Mahiya naman kayo.

We have so far put enough partisan politics on the side.  I trust that aspirants can put premature campaigning aside as well for the sake of the country.

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