Noynoy Aquino's Achievements

Undoubtedly, the debate this week is Noynoy Aquino.  Will he win in the 2010 elections?  Does he have what it takes to be president and have what it takes to solve the country’s problems?

Is he qualified and deserving of the presidency?

What has he done?  What has he achieved?

There are many questions about Noynoy, enough to make him the hot story for at least an entire week.

In deciding if I would vote for him, I ask nine initial questions, most of which I would ask the other candidates as well:

1) What achievements can you cite since being a public servant?  (Noynoy was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1998.)

2) What is your platform?  Details, please.

3) We survived attempts to overthrow government by disgruntled elements of the Armed Forces, seven of which during President Aquino’s presidency.  How would you address this?

4) How do you intend to solve the perennial problem of corruption?

5) The Arroyo administration has earned a big share of alleged anomalies.  How will you go about making people involved accountable?

6) What are your views on charter change?

7) You wish to stand for new politics by running under the Liberal Party, a party that is perceived by some sectors as traditional politics.  How do you reconcile this?

8.) How will you implement and strengthen the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program?

9) What mistake did the Cory Aquino administration make, and how would you correct it?

There are now several attempts to answer my first questions.  The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism has helped answer my first question.  I recommend the feature entitled Noynoy Aquino, Out of the Shadows

Well, yes, the challenge for Noynoy — and he himself should know it — is to move go out of the shadows, prove his worth, and show that he, too, is a true Aquino.

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