Cebu's Inmates and Michael Jackson

I have been a bit under the weather this whole weekend, so I decided to just rest — true to my status on Facebook that I’d be sleeping Friday night, only to wake up Monday.  When one decides to stay home, there’s only so much one can do: read, watch tv, and watch dvd’s.  I’ve done all three.  Oh, let me add one more thing — granting a short interview to a TV network’s public affairs show.  Talk about turning the tables!

Well, I’m not about to complain, but on cable television, it’s been non-stop Michael Jackson the entire weekend.  I’ve never been really a fan of Jacko.  I did not watch his concert here in Manila in the 90’s (A classmate watched both nights of his concert!)  But I do like one the Jackson 5’s songs, I Want You Back.  I’ve used the song’s intro as a ringtone from time to time.  I also remember getting good feedback for using the very same intro for my final production for radio production class in college.  I also like I’ll Be There.  But truth be told, I like Mariah Carey’s remake better.

News programs around the world mention a common story angle — the world mourns the King of Pop’s demise.  The Philippines has been mentioned thrice already by US news and current affairs programs.  NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams interviewed a Filipino DJ.  Inside Edition and CNN made a story about Cebu inmates’ tribute to Michael Jackson.  The CNN story was a well-produced story, and I thought of sharing the video with everyone.

Back here, GMA7’s noontime show, SOP made a mistake in its special tribute to Michael Jackson. He was born 1958, and not 1959, as shown in its bumper.

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