Label read

I have grown accustomed to a relatively famous cereal drink that has positioned itself as a source of fiber.

This seemed true, at least, when one looks at the label of the product.  Yup, there is fiber in the drink.  And for quite some time, to see fiber in the list was enough for me.  Either way, I wouldn’t be in the position to pass judgment on the quantity of fiber, since I really did not study nutrition.

But as I bought the 30-gram drink again this afternoon, I checked the label.  There’s only 1.9 grams in it, which is just 6% of the entire product.  And the sugar is more than five times the amount of fiber.

I now wonder if I should continue believing in what the product says. Of course, I have no illusions about the product providing the RDA for all nutrients, but isn’t 1.9 grams too low, anyway?  I will ask an expert about this.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

Well, it does pay to read the label — especially of products that ask you to really read them carefully.

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