Chip Tsao Is A Cheap Writer

Like many other Pinoys, I am glad that HK Magazine has issued an apology following the article of its columnist, Chip Tsao.  The article berated Filipinos as a “nation of servants”.  Of course, more than the issue of domestic helpers, this was the writer’s reaction to Philippine claims on the Spratlys.

But what about the writer himself?  It is not enough that the magazine issues an apology.  The writer himself should issue an apology.  And he should be sanctioned as well by his publication, and if there is one, a self-regulatory organization for the Hong Kong Press.

First, let me state the obvious — stereotypes are really not right, especially if used in the context of discrimination.  But more importantly, more than anything else, I must say that I am very proud of our domestic helpers.  Yes, they do help keep our economy afloat.  And we all know the sacrifices that they make for their families.

Do think about it, can Hong Kong professionals survive without a professional and dedicated DH helping them run their households?  Can Chip Tsao surive without his helper, Luisa?  These “servants”, as Tsao prefers to call them, are professionals.  They are not slaves.  And really, they do not owe a debt of gratitude to their employers, especially if they are abusive ones.  It should be the other way around, really.  It is our domestic helpers who have been such a great help to the people of Hong Kong — or any country for that matter.  And writers like Tsao should know better and should leave matters to international diplomacy instead.

Before I go on any further,  I will stop here.  I will not make such a cheap writer, who gives the profession a bad name, any more space in this blog.  He is really not worth my time, nor the space on this site.

But yes, he should be sanctioned.  There is no room for such bigotry anywhere in this civilized society.

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  1. It may be a satire or whatever, indirectly or directly, still he did mocked one nation & race, and also maltreating his own maid i think..he is still a insane RACIST!! Is he really a professional sane writer? As a human being we should respect everyones work role in our society for without them especially the maids he called wet nurses in HK, can he even go to work without someone taking care of his children and his house? He degraded one’s dignified work even as a maid who is working abroad for her family way back home. He even mentioned he is a superior race, chinese race is it? Who did put the melamine on the milk and trying to kill millions of babies in the world, is it the race he is proud of, it is stupidity? His motherland is the source of all FAKES products in the world, my goodness sake! The name CHIP TSAO as in like CHEAP person have no class at all even on the way he dressed up, his name will mark to every Filipino around the world that your a RACIST inhuman person!

  2. have you seen in movies,TVs or even in real life that we make fun of people with black skin, we call them negro,panget etc… and also chinese we make fun on their language,accent and we even sing butchiki…

    do you still remember what sen. miriam santiago said on her speech?

    “China invented civilization in the East, but as well it invented corruption for all of human civilization.”

    isnt that racist?

    now if its our turn to be joke then we cry and say foul.. lets clean first our own house!!!!

  3. Jon: I completely agree with you. There was a debate this week among some quarters about the satire as a form of expression that is really written in a way that seems to ridicule certain groups or certain people. That is a given. Personally though, I feel that while we have freedom of expression, any form of it has its boundaries and responsibilities. I feel that thoughtless, racist bigotry is going beyond that freedom. Well, at least Tsao has apologized.

  4. Tony: You make a good point. One of the newscasts attempted to ask that last night. We too may be guilty of some degree of bigotry as well — and I agree with your examples. The episode with Tsao does call for self-examination as well. Come to think of it, one will just need to turn on the TV and see different degrees of bigotry on our very own local shows and gag shows. People who are dark, fat, small, smelly, etc. are being made fun of.

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