Like Oil and Water

The signs are all there and are obvious that the marriage between the two administration parties, Lakas CMD and PGMA’s very own Kampi is trying to mix oil and water.

For starters, the ego of the personalities from both camps is in the way.  But of course, there are deeper problems.  There are squabbles on the method of charter change.  And the greatest problem of all would be how to settle matters at the provincial and LGU level.  In 2007, the biggest problem was in provinces that had candidates from both Lakas and Kampi who were competing for the same position.  Most notable were Pampanga, Cebu, Bulacan, and Batangas.  It was this conflict that brought Fr. Ed Panlilio to the governorship of Pampanga.

If both parties would want to ensure success in 2010, they (as well as other parties) should institutionalize the selection of candidates from the national level going down to the bottom.  This reminds us, of course, of the very systematic approach of the US, where we saw Barack Obama securing away the nomination from Hillary Clinton.  We should really learn from this.  Although given the experience of past elections this is easier said than done.  And that is why we end up with five or more candidates for president during elections.  If the administration does not want to suffer the same losing fate it had experienced in 2007 for the senatorial race, it better clean house.  It better fix its grassroots, if it wishes to get enough support for national candidates.

All things considered, Kampi should be extra careful.  Seriously, do they think they will really continue to exist after the 2010 elections?  After all, given the Hello Garci controversy and this administration’s performance, what kind of clout does PGMA have once she steps down?  Now, this may not be the case if the next president would actually come from Kampi.  But who’s from Kampi from the present lineup of aspiring presidentiables?  And the money and machinery aside, Who would want to be run for President under Kampi, given that any endorsement from PGMA would be a kiss of death, similar to the Bush effect of John McCain?

If, let’s say, Liberal’s Mar Roxas would win, expect people from Lakas and more people from Kampi to transfer to LP.  We’ve seen this happen when Erap won in 1998, and even when PGMA assumed the presidency in 2001.

Lakas needs Kampi.  But Kampi needs Lakas more.

Let’s see.

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