10 Things That Say 2010 Is Near

You know that 2010 is near when:

1) Loren Legarda (deliberately?) uses the wake of Former President Estrada’s mother to distribute t-shirts that have her picture. [This also happened during the December interfaith rally against Charter Change).

2) Presidentiables like Manny Villar air stories about rescued ofw’s, edited in the guise of a news story.

3) The METROPOLITAN MANILA Authority Band (meron palang ganun?!) flies with Bayani Fernando and Bong Revilla to the provinces to perform.

4) Presidentiables go for botox and stem-cell treatments to look younger than their real age.  There are talks that one of them is only wearing a wig and has been bald for quite some time.

5) Presidentiables try to react to EVERY issue (saw-saw suka) — and overreact by using invectives to hit the present administration

6) Jejomar Binay likens himself to incoming US President Barack Obama. [Hey, it’s a free country, and everyone is free to hallucinate.]

7) Presidentiables join Facebook — even if they don’t know how to use a computer!  [Hehe, aminin! I wonder if we can also throw pumpkins and sheep at them]

8 ) Presidentiables are extra paranoid about charter change hindering their ambitions — although to be fair, there is reason to be paranoid about it.

9) Mar Roxas finally pushes through with his wedding of the year.

10) PGMA’s allies are using every possible means to extend all their terms.  Time’s up!

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