Opening Themes from Pinoy TV's yesteryears…

I never really got to watch the show Lovingly Yours, Helen — I was too young back then. Hehehe.  But I do have vague memories of its two theme songs.  One is Ballade pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman, which would be my first major piano piece later on.

The second one would be this instrumental piece, whose title I only discovered this weekend: Through the Eyes of A Child by Paul Mauriat.

All things considered, everyone misses the late Helen Vela.  Considering that she was acting in soaps and different tv series, I find it amazing to realize that she was the primetime news anchor of the station I worked for before.  I mean, nowadays, can you imagine news anchors appearing on teleseryes? The closest recent crossover would be Mel Tiangco narrating, but not acting, in the defunct Magpakailanman.

People now can easily laugh at the production values back then. Still, as I remember having discussions with classmates during broadcast classes back then, we would commend old TV shows for their good, well-written content — unlike some of the shows we have today, which rely more on the effects and production values.

Another good, classic show whose theme I remember more vividly would be that of Coney Reyes on Camera, which uses Diana Ross’ It’s My Turn — and that explains why it is memorable. Back in the days when cable TV was a just mere possibility in the Philippines, I remember tuning to the show every Saturday afternoon (hey, it’s either that or Movie Magazine from another station). I’d have to say there are many good lessons and values to be learned from that show. How I wish I could meet Constancia Angeline Nubla and tell her that she produced a wonderful show.

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