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There are still 18 or 19 months before the 2010 elections, but as early as now, we’ve all seen how the presidentiables are making themselves visible to gain pogi points.  But as I had mentioned a few weeks back, early campaigning has brought its share of problems as well.

The example I mentioned was Sen. Manny Villar, the center of C-5 extension controversy.  Before this, an attempt to discredit Villar in 2007, when Palace reporters, including yours truly received a mug supposedly from Villar.  I believe the story was published in some of the newspapers and tabloids.

I have forgotten about it.  But as I was going through kitchen cabinets, I saw the mug lurking in one corner.

I AM GIVING AWAY THIS MUG FOR FREE to anyone who would like to have it.  I am giving it away because I believe in de-cluttering to de-stress and believe in generosity (this is really not a promo).

I will send the mug to the FOURTH person to e-mail me.

If you are not a fan of Villar, consider the mug as a memorabilia of Palace coverage, a part of news history (a footnote), a reminder of the kind of politics we have in the country, a good conversation piece — that holds your coffee or pencils.

Interested??? Here are just a few directions:

1) For now, since this is not a high-budget corporate site, I am constrained to send the mug to people residing in the Philippines.  Friends and former colleagues of Ralph from the media: you guys are exempted from this as well.  Let’s give others a chance. 🙂

2) Take note that there is only one mug.

3) Write your NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, AGE, E-MAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER.  I wil need complete details in order to send the mug to you.

4) Just one question (Answers can be short.  There are no right or wrong answers): What’s the first thing the new president should do once he or she sits down on June 30, 2010.

5) Put “Free Mug” in the subject line, and e-mail to

FOURTH Person who e-mails me gets the mug.

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