Ask Ralph: When Your Company Promotes the Outsider and Not You, the Loyal Employee


I’m one of you avid readers in this Blog…whoa! it’s very Nice:-)

Yah! you can call me “MR. GAI YUUKI”, A SINGLE DAD with a DAUGHTER …..I just wanna ask about the HR….i work in a Food Company for almost 10 YEARS, Wherein i’ve been an ASSISTANT MANAGER..

The Only thing i Quit is bec. nadun na din sa Sawa na tayo….. but yun nga, they are getting a MANAGER OUTSIDE  🙁   Bakit ganun if ever? eh Tumagal na ako for that Period of time….

Some Companies prefer getting executives outside wherein PWEDE naman kumuha Inside na MAS ALAM ang “Ikot ng Mundo” sa loob ng Company……

tao lang naman tayo na minsan ay Nagseselos din…..

For Now, I’m a TAMBAY of Jobstreet/Jobsdb…

Sometimes DISADVANTAGE ba Ang Graduate School(Masterals)? wherein it may Overqualified you or the Manager interviwing you will be afraid sa iyo bec. baka u can get his Job:-)


Aside from the Pay(which is normal to everybody)the other thing i consider in looking a job is the WORKPLACE… in Ala- 5 STAR HOTEL or RCBC TOWERS-MAKATI ang “Aura”…… Yeah! it’s cool if you are being calld “Mr. RCBC” here in Ayala Ave….

I have a JOB OFFER in a FILIPINO OWNED COMPANY Located at LEGASPI VILLAGE MAKATI(BACK of MAKATI MED) but in to my OWN DISMAY the Buildings Located at the BACK of MAKATI MED is wayback the ERA of FERDINAND MARCOS?!…Place is UNcool:-(…..


Hindi naman ako nag-iinarte but some people say that “WE BOOST OUR EMPLOYEES MORALE BY GIVING  A WORKPLACE THEY CAN CALL AS A 2ND HOME”…. Workplace givs us almost 60% “Ganado” in doing our work and sa pagpasok araw-araw… right?


Do you have any idea of having been na tawagan sa phone ng Isang Agency/ nakung saan ayaw pa nila tawaging Agency…Because Sila Daw ay isang HEAD HUNTER? Sosyal!

Tapos pagdating mo doon ay MAS BATA pa ang mag-iinterview sa iyo? na tamang pagkatapos ng Interview ay “will gonna call you” nalang ang sagot ni “Neneng Bilat” or ni “Totoy Yuppie”(Mas matagal pa yung biniyahe/drive mo kesa interview)…

I-foforward daw ni ng mga bata yung CV mo sa Client nila & u’ll gonna waity for a Call?!

tapos Kailangan daw muna pumasa sa Screening ni Agency yung papel mo before they forward your CV sa Client….E h pano kung Pumasa nga kay Agency yung CV mo but HINDi ka naman feel ng Client, di ba NONESENSE din?

Perhaps if the Client like you…Client will directly call you DIRECTLY at HINDi na dadaan kay Agency…

Perhaps,Ayaw ng ganito at magalit si Agency bec. mawalan siya ng PERA…este Kumisyon…este kita…

May nakapag say na Agency sa akin na Parang SALES daw din ang recruitment,headhunter,Agency kaso lang nga LAMAN este tao ang sine-sales…

yun naman pala eh…AGENCY,HEAD HUNTER, RECRUITMENT or Whatever? kayo na ang Humusga… ???

GUTOM BA OR BUHAY BA ang rate mo at bakit? ???

yeah… in essence- bugaw ang mga agencies and headhunters, at kung di ka type ng client- sorry na lang  ganun talaga eh, you have weighed, measured- and found wanting?

Will hope to hear from you thanks!



Hi, Gai Yuuki!

Thanks for writing and regularly visiting the site.  I very much appreciate it.

You’ve presented many work issues, and I would like to go through them one by one.  Hehe, I certainly can relate to your being a “tambay” of jobstreet and jobsdb!  I used to visit these pages when I started thinking of jumping ship for cleaner and greener pastures.


You are not alone in feeling hurt about your company.  There are many companies out there who have many loyal and dedicated people, but pirate people from other companies to fill vital positions.  So not surprisingly, those who have stuck it out feel bad.  Your feelings are understandable.

We will need to consider many things and consider why your company acted the way it did.  While companies appreciate loyalty, the reality is, loyalty is not enough to get promoted.

At the end of the day, companies will choose someone who will meet the specific qualifications of the job.  So there are three things to check here.  It could be possible that from your company’s viewpoint, no one inside the company was qualified enough for the job.

Let me use an analogy.  A long-time dishwasher in a restaurant does not necessarily make him or her ready to be manager of a kitchen, no matter how much he mas mastered dishwashing.  The owner of the restaurant would need to consider the skills needed of a kitchen manager — and look for the right person for the job.

Second, it is also possible that your company hired an outsider because it will not be able to afford the salary of a promoted employee.  Unfortunately, the game in this day and age is the survival of companies — especially at a time of global economic crisis.

In instances like this, if you have decided not to quit yet, what you can do is to approach your boss and very calmly ask why you were not promoted.  What qualifications did the job need?  Ask if you have those qualifications.

Also ask: what are your career plans for me?  Do you have a career path for me?

Don’t feel bad if you find out that you are not yet qualified for the job.  If that is the case, then again, ask: what must I do to get promoted?

You asked if finishing graduate school can be a disadvantage.  It can be, if you are overqualified for the job that you apply for.  This happens.  A company will not hire someone who is overqualified because the person may easily get burned out and will not stay long.


Work place is an important factor in choosing a job.  Naturally, no one wants to work at a sweat shop!  It is wonderful to work at a building along Ayala Avenue or Makati Avenue.  But take it from the experiences of other people.  What makes an employee happy at the end of the day is not the building, but the culture of the company, and the kind of people he or she works with.  I have met people who work in state of the art offices in great addresses but are not happy because of the people they work with.

However, if you are transferring to an architectural firm that prides itself for its design projects, and yet its very own office is a pigsty and would collapse any minute: then by all means, run to the nearest exit!

There are many good offices in Legaspi Village, and I happen to work in the very same area.  I work in a building that is close to many good establishments.  The traffic is also not as bad as Ayala Avenue. So all things considered, I love where I work.  But more than where I work, I am happy because of the people I work with.


Many companies nowadays would outsource their recruitment function to hiring head hunters because they do not have the resources or people to effectively carry out recruitment.  And yes, it can be be quite humbling, if not irritating for some to be interviewed by someone who is younger.

But not to worry.  They are only pre-screening you and recommend if you have enough qualifications to make it to the next stage of the hiring process.  Oftentimes, there are as much as a 100 — even 1,000 applicants — for one position, and some companies may not have the time or resources to interview everyone.  The sad reality also is, a lot of people exaggerate their achievements in their bio data, and companies would need to filter those who are telling the truth in their application forms.

They say “We’ll be calling you” not to put you down, but because they have no decision-making power to hire you.  They are only assistants, and will need to forward your papers to the company doing the hiring.

Still, as applicant it is your right to ask questions to the head hunter or interviewer: What stage am I in as far as the job application process is concerned?  When will I be notified of any updates?  Courteously tell the interviewer that you have also submitted applications to other companies, and would like to decide on where to work by the end of the month.

Despite the setbacks, don’t worry.  You have a choice.

In any company, it is said that you have three choices: to follow, lead, or get out of the way.  You can continue following in your present job.  You can lead if you are qualified and are promoted.  Or if things really do not work out, you can always leave for a better company.  Just make sure that if you jump ship, you fall on land.  Make sure that you have a job waiting, especially in this time of crisis.

If you feel that you are the most qualified but still do not get the promotion, one could even take it as a positive cue: my company does not deserve my talents.  I will instead bring it to a place where my true talents would be appreciated!

Know what will make you happy professionally, and go for it!  Wishing you the best in your professional career!




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  1. Wow, online guidance counselor ka na rin pala. Haha, miss you too Ralph.

    Btw, nagresign na pala si Ederic. He’s with Yahoo Philippines na starting November.

    Hope to see you soon.


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