The Journalist as A Tourist

There’s no doubt about it.  One of the perks of being a journalist is the chance to travel across the country and see that there are still many unspoiled places to visit.  As I was looking into my personal archives, I realize that I have been able to do quite a number of features on different spots.

TV reporters have been encouraged to produce stories on different spots, particularly during the summer.  Ask any producer and he or she will tell you that tourist stories are good for the ratings.  And yes, these stories are really appreciated by viewers, who really are on the lookout anyway for vacation destinations.  And so, we were encouraged to make a feature story part of the agenda in any coverage out of town.

The videos would show that I have been attracted to beaches, waterfalls, and springs.  They are very relaxing places to visit, and I enjoyed every minute of producing the story.  I also enjoyed being able to experiment with the production.  Stories like these were also a welcome departure from the many political stories in Imperial Manila.

Ilocos Sur (2007): White Sand Beaches in Cabugao

Sorsogon (2006): Masacrot Springs, Palogtoc Falls, Bulusan Lake in Bulusan Town

Aklan (2005): Cold Springs in Nabas Town

Negros Occidental (2006): Mambukal Resort, Murcia Town

Spratlys (2006): Kalayaan Island, Future Tourist Spot?

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