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Mary Tyler Moore Pilot Script - ratedralph.com

I did not expect it until October, but thanks to my brother-in-law’s balikbayan relative, I now have in my hands a piece of TV history — a copy of a script of “Love Is All Around”, which is the pilot episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I bought it in Ebay last April.  Surprisingly, I have instantly gotten over some initial disappointment of not getting an authentic, orginal copy of the script.  I only paid a small fee anyway for the script. And to be fair to the seller, there really was no mention of the script being the original copy.

Mary Tyler Moore Pilot Script — ralphguzman.org

Naturally, I put the season one disc of MTM to play the pilot to compared to the script.  It was very interesting comparing what had been written versus what was really said.  I would say that about 15% of the script had changed. This was no surprise really because actors would improvise on the set.  Certain lines were also cut for brevity, particularly the ending.  Still, the lines that have made a mark on the viewers were said word for word.

Mary Tyler Moore Pilot Script - ralphguzman.org

What a real treat!  I will probably have this framed.

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