Writer's Drought

I’ve had quite a number of experiences with writer’s block in the past, but I think I’m having writer’s drought as of the present.  I couldn’t quite find anything inspiring enough to lengthily write about or comment on.  I also feel that there’s enough discussion of the news lately, so for the moment, I would rather read and listen, and do the writing and comprehensive commenting later.

So for now, here is a writer’s wishlist and random thoughts in tidbits.

  •  Series of robberies, murders and crime: Of course, the wish is justice for the victims.  But the greater wish would be is sustained public interest on the matter, even after the mainstream media outfits would have already chosen to air different stories to “sustain ratings and revenue.”
  • The Peso is reverting to P43 to $1 again.  Not to mention that iil prices are rising weekly at the gas stations — every Friday midnight to be precise!  And yes, unahan pa rin sa pataasan ng presyo ang mga gasolinahan.  That’s competition, Philippine style.  Our inflation!
  • School’s opening soon…Let’s not forget! Will the government claim that there are no shortages of classrooms and textbooks?  Will we see another photo-op of PGMA buying school supplies in Divisoria? 
  • Are we now really on our way to a balanced budget?  The Palace promised that for 2008.  Well, there’s a 25-B budget surplus.  Let’s hope it goes to classrooms, and the rehabilitation of provinces hit by Typhoon Cosme. 

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