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 I thought it was strange — when I realized that I was watching CBS’ morning show, Early Edition at midnight last night.  After all, here in the Philippines, we get delayed telecasts  of it, as well as NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America (thankfully the delay is just by a day or two, compared to other shows). 

I was about to turn the TV set off to call it a day, but I suddenly saw what I thought was impossible — Katie Couric (CBS), Brian Williams (NBC), and Charles Gibson (ABC) on what set and in one frame.  Turns out that the three of the America’s primetime news anchors — as well as their respective networks — have gotten together to raise awareness against cancer. 

The campaign is called StandUp2Cancer.  On September 5, the three networks have pledged one hour of their primetime schedule for a benefit show.  Such unity for a good cause has been show in the past, like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  This early, a public service announcement is out for it, featuring different celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Keanu Reeves, and Morgan Freeman. 

Naturally, I am very much looking forward to the show, and I hope that the producers would be able to telecast it via the Internet so that people around the world could watch it live. 

Such effort is something the Philippine media could certainly learn from.  If only the networks and their bosses and personalities could set aside differences — as well as their egos — for a common cause. 

What a difference we could all make. 

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