From Corinne and Andy of Swing Out Sister themselves

By now, the world knows — or at the very least the readers of this site — how ecstatic I am about the concert on Monday.

But today, five days left before the big night, this came in my mail…

Swing Out Sister - Beautiful Mess - with Corinne Drewery’s signature!

Swing Out Sister - Beautiful Mess - with Andy Connell’s signature

It’s not just their latest album, Beautiful Mess.  But it’s their album PLUS their autographs.

I got to order it from Andy Connell himself.  To cut the long story short, Corinne and he were shocked to find out how expensive their latest album was being sold at big online merchants.  So they decided to sell a limited number of autographed CD’s directly via paypal.  And apparently, I ordered the CD from Andy himself, who has an account with paypal.  I paid £10 (Php800), instead of US$34 on  Not bad, especially considering the autographs.

I love the songs, especially the first track, Something Everyday.  The best way for me to describe how I feel after listening to it is to say that it left me in surreal feeling as usual, having been mesmerized by the words and music.  As usual.

Thanks again, Corinne and Andy!  See you on Monday!  (Hehe, feeling close!)

More details on buying an autographed CD on

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