Surprising Surprise Witness

The hype had been built up very well in the past week or so.  But when the ZTE Hearing at the Senate resumed yesterday, the only thing surprising about Sen. Lacson’s “Surprise Witness” Leo San Miguel, was his non-explosive testimony and denials, which left many frustrated and surprised, most especially Lacson himself — who claims to have heard jucier stories from San Miguel prior to his TV debut, er Senate appearance.

There are different interpretations to what happened yesterday.

First, as many would now speculate, Malacanang or parties sympathetic to the administration have gotten to San Miguel and convinced him, or pressured, not to spill the beans on the irregularities committed.  One could easily speculate that money could have changed his mind about giving a full testimony.  Or perhaps, his very life could have been threatened by the same people.  It would only be natural for San Miguel to avoid ending up like Jun Lozada, who claims he had been abducted by the Police.

Another possible theory: San Miguel was a deliberate trap by the administration for its critics.  Pakawala ng Palasyo, ika nga.  He now sounds like a Trojan Horse, who had gotten Lacson excited and intrigued, but during the hearing itself, didn’t say anything at all.  I am reminded of past interviewees who have claimed to know this and that off cam, but (intentionally) buckle during the actual on cam interview.  Why am I not surprised if Lacson has become a victim of kuryente?

A third angle: Why would San Migue want to incriminate himself.  He is, after all, accused of being part of the Greedy Group Plus Plus.  Why would he want to go to jail, if there are no guarantees that he’d be state witness.  And certainly, he couldn’t use fear of self-incrimination as an answer during the hearing, as it has been used and abused before.

On the other hand: Maybe San Miguel really has nothing explosive to say.  Maybe that’s all he has to say and is telling the whole truth and nothing but.  But all things considered, that’s pretty difficult to believe.  Was Senator Lacson then hallucinating and hearing things when he spoke with San Miguel???

Whatever the explanation is, we can only conclude that this issue will continue to drag on.  Witnesses will continue to sprout like mushrooms — fungi — but nothing will be resolved, until clear, documentary evidence is brought out for public scrutiny.  One thing I know for sure, the next time a Senator teases the public about an upcoming “surprise witness”, less people will stay at home to watch the Senate Hearing, whether if it’s to know the truth or to be entertained. 

 If I had been solely after the entertainment value of hearings, I might as well just watch the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who provide better entertainment and surprises, especially with their brickbats as to who should answer calls made to the White House at 3 AM.

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