Politicizing two kinds of cancer

It is most appalling and disturbing that a number of administration critics, while expressing concern over the health of Former President Corazon Aquino, seem to be more concerned about her absence in future demonstrations against this government.

Another former President, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has called Cory’s colon cancer “bad timing,” while other personalities would say that her “physical presence” would be “sorely missed.” 

Surely. Because Aquino has brought much-needed credibility to the Gloria Resign Movement, as well as more physical bodies at rallies.  After all, if Cory did not join the calls for PGMA’s resignation back in 2005, many would probably be led to think that the Movement is driven largely by selfish interests from some of the opposition figures.  Cory has brought much-needed credibility, which the wiretapped tapes may not have been able to fully supply.

But at a time like this, do we really dare think of how her absence would affect rallies and the “search for truth?”  With all frankness, I could not find anything correct about it.

So even if such a statement isn’t obviously a selfless one, Executive Sec. Eduardo Ermita appropriately said it – that it is immoral to even think of such things at this time.  Can’t we limit politicking to social cancers, and not the colon cancer of a respected democratic figure?

Still, critics should be glad that there are no signs of lost momentum for them.  In the face of disappointment that follows the Supreme Court’s decision to side with CHED Chairman Romulo Neri on invoking Executive Privilege, opposition figures are not just about to give up.  Good sound bites, especially for those with 2010 ambitions.  But let’s see if they’ll walk the talk. Or will they be like the two politicians, who are noisy when it comes to almost every talk of town (including showbiz), but awfully mum when questions center on a big businessman – a big campaign donor of theirs — who is very much in the web of corruption!  No wonder their colleagues on the same side of the fence are privately against them.

But back to Cory.  At the end of the day, what a genuine oppositionist should utter is that her sickness will serve as greater inspiration for all to continue the crusade for truth and accountability.  And that it will bring to life more, the passion for true democracy.

To say otherwise, as we have been hearing only now, shows how much some are only taking advantage of her – since 2005, and all the way to 2010.

Come on, let’s give the Aquinos much more than the privacy they requested.  Let’s give them delicadeza.  And of course, more prayers.

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