$6 Palabok Fiesta in San Francisco

Jollibee in Downtown San Francisco, California

It’s my last day here of San Francisco, and I’m going to Minnesota tomorrow.  So after seeing almost every attraction here and enjoying the real clam chowder and other culinary delights here — I decided to go really Pinoy in this beautiful city.

I haven’t been homesick since I started my tour and I was curious. So having read quite a number of articles in the past and having heard so many comments, I went to Jollibee!

There’s one in downtown SanFo, near the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art where I went earlier.  It’s a pretty good location actually because it’s very much in the heart of downtown.  The branch shares its location with Red Ribbon, which is now owned by Jollibee.

Since it was a late merienda and didn’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner, I just had the Palabok Value Meal, which is about six dollars.  If you think about the Peso-Dollar conversion, that is kind of pricey.

Palabok Fiesta San Francisco Style - See the difference?

The taste?  Pretty much the same, especially with the sauce and the chicharon bits (pork rind bits).  But it has less shrip, tofu, and green onion.  But overall good, especially if you’re a homesick Pinoy here, craving for the flavors of home.

Interestingly, the Palabok here does not come with calamansi.  Instead, it comes with a small pack of lemon juice, which still went well with the palabok.

Before, I would hear that only the Pinoys would go to Jollibee.  Now, it was pleasing to see that there was quite a number of non-Pinoys (caucasians to be exact), who were eating at the place.  My order was taken by a latino attendant, by the way.  It is a positive sign certainly that Pinoy businesses thriving abroad are now serving a wider demographic.

There are, however, less than flattering comments about the Chicken Joy here, which is reportedly “different” from the Chicken Joy at home.  I’ll try that one next time, maybe in Daly City.

What got my attention however, aside from the Palabok, was a poster of Jollibee saying they have Zero Transfat in their patties and fries.

I hope they also do this in the Philippines, since Filipinos are also now conscious of the dangers of transfat, and deserve dishes that are more healthy.

Well, there’s always the salad from Wendy’s or KFC.

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  1. hi kuya ralph..welcome to the U.S of A…. i feel u reli enjoy ur stay hir in the land of milk and honey.. masarap sa gaya mo na bumbisita lang at nagtu-tour… kaiinggit ka talaga… kahit malayo sa Pinas at least feel pa rin na nasa Pinas kc sa mga food na na kinakain natin medyo me kaibahan nga lang ng konti like ung lemon na ilalagay sa palabok..mas masrap pa rin ung native na kalamansi… ung chicken joy prang ganon din ang lasa nagkaiba nga lang sa mga oil na gnagamit nila for cooking… i bet u gonna gain some pound(ssss)…sarap kc kumain… we’re reli lookin’ forward to see u hir in las vegas.. just enjoy every second of ur stay..life is to short..let’s live our life to the fullest..and that’s what ur doin’ right now…ingat at ang DIET……..God bless

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