Unang Salta sa Amerika

I am now on the fourth day of my visit to the United States, and on the second leg of my trip, which is San Diego in California.

So far so good. Haven’t really had any untoward encounters. So considering also that this is truly the first time I’m traveling on my own — and using all the travel arrangements that I booked on my own — I’m doing very well.

Unang salta ako sa Estados Unidos. So this is quite an experience. Never went in previous years, and everything is new to me.

Having heard so many horror stories, I was most worried about the Immigration. One story: a Pinoy who brought a laptop to the States was subjected to random inspection, to find out if he had a resume stored in his hard drive. He was being suspected of coming to the US to find work under a travel visa. So to be on the safe side, I left my laptop in Manila. I even left my mp3 player.

I heard of a woman who was even deported for intending a five-month vacation to the US. Apparently the Immigration Officer could not believe that her office allowed her that kind of leave.

So I was very worried — as early as the booking stages of my trip, and throughout my whole, non-stop flight from Manila to San Francisco.

But finally, the inevitable came. But only got two questions.

Immigration Officer: You’re staying in the US for a month. Why so long?

My answer: Well, I’m touring different states, after bringing my grandma home.
(My Thought Balloon: Pakialamerong ito. Maikli pa nga ang isang buwan, ano!)

Immigration Officer: Did you bring more than $10,000?

My answer: Nope.
(My Thought Balloon: WISH KO LANG!)

Immigration Officer: Do you have balut with you?
My answer: Nope.
(My Thought Balloon: Bakit naman ako magdadala ng Balut sa Estados Unidos?)’

Immigration: Ok.

Well, welcome to the United States. On to my Travel and Culinary Adventure.

post script: since I am behind my blogging, I am posting multiple entries in one session. Hope you find them interesting…and appetizing.

2 Replies to “Unang Salta sa Amerika”

  1. balut?? wtf?? haha. inggit ako sayo ralph talaga! pa-states states ka nalang diyan. hehehe. hey did you read my last comment about abby? nakakatawa kung kelan naman siya nandito dun ka nawala. pero ok lang, you’re coming back naman after a month right? baka ma-deport ka niyan. hehe kidding.

  2. RALPH!!!! miss na kita. Naka-roaming ba ang globe number mo? I texted you the other day. ** Nakakinis wala ka na dito. Wala na ako makausap =( Ano ba YM ID mo? Para pag may time ka, kwentuhan tayo. Masaya yung hongkong/ macau trip namin ni Pao =) miss ka na namin though. Carlo Gahol has resigned from IBC 13.

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