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For those who know me enough, this colorless page is not exactly my idea of a well-designed website.  But I’m just thankful that it’s up and functioning. 

picture0001.jpgWelcome to ralphguzman.org… my first real site.  Friends have asked me what I intend to put on this site.  It may after all be strange that I’m putting up an endeavor that could generate great publicity, at a time when I don’t exactly need it anymore to promote my oncam work (or do I? Hehehe). 

I might as well say it, para sa mga huli sa balita.  On December 20, 2007, I filed my resignation from GMA News and Public Affairs, and accepted an offer in the private sector.  You might see more on this in the “About” page, which I’ve just filled up.

Anyway, as this is my first post, and would like to start on the right foot — let me thank everyone I have gotten the honor of working with for almost half a decade.  More than the lessons in production and journalism — I value the many life lessons learned.  Quite a number of you have become great friends, and you are treasures for life. 

This site is for you — great friends.  And yes, I still am a journalist, and this website is my latest platform for telling truth.  Add to that random thoughts, recipes, and simple reflections, which I hope, would find their way in the marketplace of free speech and thought.

For now, I hope this suffices.  I really had no idea that setting up a blog from scratch would be so difficult and complicated.  And I thought I was techie enough!  Obviously, my familiarity with html line commands is irrelevant for this purpose. 

Interestingly, it may seem that I have finally given in to blogging.  I used to be very critical about it, but for the record, it’s the easiest, most convenient interface to date — instead of doing a website from scratch using Microsoft Frontpage or Macromedia.  Basta, I’m doing this out of freedom of expression, and not because I need any validation! Bwahaha! **hint** hint ** 

What to post?  For one, I still am a journalist, and have commentaries on several issues.  But as far as I am concerned, there’s life beyond reporting (as the site’s title suggests), so I intend to put a lot more.  Starting perhaps with my recipes and random thoughts on many things.  I’ll have to say that I’ve always wanted my own medium on which I’d be able to express my thoughts.  Since I’d rather not wait for opportunities to fall on my lap, I might as well make the opportunities happen.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to posting my first video very soon.  I just hope that’s sooner rather than later!

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  1. You left GMA na? Ay sayang, they lost a good reporter. 🙂 Or should I say they lost one of their finest reporters around. 🙂 Hope to see u around still! Goodluck sa bagong career.:)

  2. hey ralph! wow you finally did it, huh? wala pa naman akong balita na may bagong editor over at S.M., pero you say you’re in a private firm already? give me a call nga! 🙂 anyway good to see you here. i linked you up on my site already. sama mo ako sa blogroll mo ha! 🙂

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