First Recipe: Ham and Sausage Quiche

As promised, I am posting some of my favorite recipes.  It’s no secret that I love to cook.   I’ve always been amazed at how food brings people together and closer to each other. I also consider it therapy from stress. And I’m simply delighted at how tasty recipes turn out.  Here’s one of my recent recipes, which I served at a get together at our home in August 2007.  It was a great hit.  Hope this recipe also brings you and your friends together.  I hope you don’t mind the very amateur picture.  Took a picture of the recipe during the get together itself.  It’s a certified yum-yum.


Basic Puff Pastry/Pie Crust **

1 pack Ham, Chopped
4 pcs., Hungarian Sausage Chopped
4 cloves Garlic, Chopped
6 eggs
1 pack cottage cheese
½ cup Parmesan Cheese
Thyme – fresh or dry

Preheat Oven at 175 Celsius.

Quiche filling:

Spread Pastry on Pie Bowl.  Set aside.

In frying pan, sauté garlic, ham, sausage.

Add cottage cheese, thyme.

Once meat is cooked, remove pan from heat.

Add eggs, grated parmesan cheese.

Spread mixture on puff pastry.

Bake until mixture has solidified, golden Brown.

Serves 5-6

** You can make basic puff pastry from scratch.  I got my recipe for it on the Internet.  You can also buy it from the Supermarket, at the frozen section.

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  1. Hi, Ralph. I have been for the past weeks looking for a puff pastry supplier. I really hope you can help me on this. Establishments like French Baker produces puff pastry but only for themselves.

    I woulld really appreciate it if you can spare me some of your time so if you don’t mind, can you please contact me at ——-? Thanks.

  2. Hi Malu!

    Thanks for visiting the site. I’ll ask around about your question. Santi’s could be a good place to get Puff Pastry if you don’t need to much stock. Or Shopwise. But I guess you’re looking for a supplier.

    From the top of my head though, you might want to try going to Binondo/Chinatown. You might find someone there. Will get back to you. 🙂

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