Singkamas Pie, Anyone?

My girlfriend, TJ was away on a business trip recently at the Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales. When she got back, she had a bag full of goodies — pasalubong, as we more fondly say in Filipino.  I always enjoy receiving food or ingredients as pasalubong.  I love the pleasant surprise that comes with it.  It also makes a vicarious experience something you can relate to more, as you can actually taste something from the place — instead of just being happy for the person who goes there.  Hahaha!

Singkamas Pie / Turnip Pie -
What buco pie is for Laguna? San Marcelino, Zambales’ Turnip Pie, aka Singkamas Pie

One of the goodies TJ brought back is a box of Turnip Pie — Singkamas Pie, in other words.  It’s from another town, San Marcelino, which is also in Zambales.  I find it cute (for lack of  better word) that people have found a creative way to make turnips into something very delicious — and as a dessert ? Wow!

I usually am happy having chopped singkamas as a snack.  They’re juicy and crunchy when eaten fresh, and they’re delicious when dipped with a little white vinegar.  They’re refreshing and healthy too.

Singkamas Pie / Turnip Pie -

How do they fare?  The singkamas / turnip filling in itself is very delicious.  After baking, they are, of course, softer.  The local baker put just the right amount of sugar into it.  The area for improvement though is the crust.  My take is, it needs more butter (and not just margarine) to give it more taste, and maybe make it a little more flaky.  The crust also needs to a more salt and sugar.  Good thing the filling compensates for the crust’s lack of sweetness.

Singkamas Pie / Turnip Pie -

The pie is best eaten when heated in the oven for five to seven minutes.  I had it as a dessert after breakfast.  It would go well with a good cup of coffee.  I also have very good reason to believe that it would go well with a scoop of mango ice cream on top.  Hmmm… I still have five of the pies left.  I think it’s time to go the grocery and grab some ice cream.  Got to run!


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