Purple Carrots and Other Veggies Down Under

There are many things to love about Australia: the people, its tourist attractions, and of course, the foodie in me is screaming… food!

Now, in relation to food, what I admire about Australia is the high standards its government has when it comes to its agriculture and ensuring food security.  It has the strictest standards when it comes to importing fruits and vegetables.  And locally, government and businesses invest in high quality produce.

So not surprisingly, we find  the freshest, most plump, juiciest, and the most delicious produce down under.

A friend inquired a couple of days ago  about the first thing I did during my recent trip to Sydney.  I told him that I went to the grocery with my gracious hosts.  It was a perfect way to start the trip.  I always would say that going to the grocery  allows you to do two things.  First, wherever you are, you get a sense of what is the latest.  And second, if you are in a foreign land, you get to know the place better.

I saw a couple of good produce when we went to the grocery, and I’d like to share four of my favorite finds. 🙂

Eggplant - Australia
These eggplants are HUGE! I think I’d cook a lot more with eggplants if they’re this big and juicy.
Vegetabales Australia
Can you guess what vegetable this is? It’s spinach! And my cousin, Kim, gamely posed as a poster girl for Australian spinach Miss you, Ate Kim!
Starfruit - RatedRalph.com
Starfruit. Also known as carambola. And in the Philippines, it is most popular as balimbing. It’s the favorite fruit of Filipino politicians. Hehehe.

My most interesting find: purple carrots.  It was my first time to encounter this variety of carrots.

Purple Carrots - Australia - RatedRalph.com
Purple Carrots in Australia!

They taste somewhat sweeter, though their taste is not a far departure from ordinary carrots.  I wonder though how carrot cake would look and taste if you use these ones as ingredients.  What I do know for sure is they don’t taste like ube (purple yam).  Hahaha!

Purple Carrots - Australia - RatedRalph.com
Wouldn’t it be good to see these locally?

Interestingly, some would give purple carrots the title of being the next super food.  Some studies would claim that eating purple carrots would lower blood pressure, normalize the function of the liver and even the heart.  At least, these are initial results based on animal testing.  I wonder if the same would be the effect for humans.  In any case, we have one more reason to eat our veggies. 🙂


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