Strawberry Picking in Michigan

While I live in a country that only knows two seasons–the dry and the wet– I have started appreciating more the seasons in countries like the US, having a full appreciation of the summer weather during my recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It’s my second visit to Grand Rapids, where my sister and her family are based.  The last time I came to Grand Rapids was in the middle of winter.  Last week, it was somewhere in between spring and summer and everything is blooming, a stark contrast to the cold, colorless city I visited years back.

So how does one celebrate a beautiful season? By picking strawberries!

Krupp Farms, Michigan -

30 minutes from Grand Rapids is Krupp Farms, in Comstock Park, Michigan.

Krupp Farms, Michigan -
Krupp Farms has been around since 1916!

The place is fairly simple: it’s a pick-you-own farm.  Which means, you go there, pick as many strawberries from the field, and you pay for them. And that’s what we did.

Krupp has at least 15 acres of strawberries fields.  They have been around for almost 100 years– since 1916 to be exact.  Aside from strawberries, they also happen to grow raspberries and asparagus.

Big, plump, and juicy strawberries were in abundance!

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -

And of course, I did my share of the picking.

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -


We saw many families enjoying their time.  My 5-year old nephew, Adrian certainly enjoyed his time.

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -

We paid about $5 for a few pounds of strawberries. Not bad at all. We took them home at my sister’s and had them with ice cream and chocolates.

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -
Abundant harvest, isn’t it?

By the way, the farm has an ice cream station. Strangely, they do not serve strawberry ice cream. BUT — they serve vanilla ice cream with lots of strawberries on top. It was marvelous!  Strawberry does taste so sweet when freshly-picked.  The ice cream station has also been around since 1916.

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -

The place also has a petting zoo, where we had a chance to feed goats.  Well, the thought of having goats lick food from my hand was somehow horrific for me, but I still went on with the challenge for the experience and it was actually just fine.

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -
Notice the cone on my left hand? It’s for the goat and he ate it– fast!

Krupp Farms - Strawberry Picking in Michigan -

Krupp Farms is located at
8025 Krupp Avenue, Comstock Park, Michigan, 49321
(7 miles north of Grand Rapids)
Official Website 

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