Chorizo and Chicharon Fried Rice

If you are a regular reader of this site, you may have noticed by now that I love to make and eat dishes with chorizo.  I love the flavor of chorizo, and I love it when its juices and oils blend with other ingredients of any dish that calls for it.

Chorizo -

Well, here’s another recipe that calls for chorizo.  It’s a breakfast dish.  But I’m sure you will want to have this comfort dish any time of day.  And yes, this Chorizo and Chicharon Fried Rice recipe is very easy to make.  If you have all the ingredients ready, you can make this dish in about 15 minutes or less.



  • Cooked rice, 3 cups (leftover rice is perfect)
  • Chorizo, chopped, 1 cup
  • Pork Chicharon (Pork Rind), 1 cup
  • 2 Salted Eggs
  • Garlic and Onion, minced
  • Pepper
Chorizo -
1) Cook the chorizo.  Since this is fried rice, I’ve chopped the chorizo.   The best way to cook the chorizo — and many foodies will agree —  is not the usual sauteing with oil.    The key is to place the chorizo in the pan with a little water, over medium heat.  Mix regularly with a spatula.  Eventually, the chorizo will look at little more like ground pork, which is fine.
Chorizo and Chicharon Fried Rice -
Allow it to steam, and eventually, the chorizo’s oils will come out — and the chorizo will fry in its own fat.  Add the garlic and onion (this would be about 2 minutes after you put the chorizo into the pan).
I love garlic, so I put a lot of it.
2) Lower the heat.  Add in the rice and mix thoroughly with the chorizo.
Salted Eggs -
Salted eggs in the Philippines are from ducks' eggs. They are produced by soaking the eggs in brine. If they are not available, ordinary boiled eggs will do just fine. 🙂
3) Add the chopped salted eggs.  Then mix in the chicharon.  You can use your hand to manually break the chicaron into bits and pieces, the size of which would depend on how crunchy and chunky you want your rice to be.  Or you can use a mortar and pestle.  Take note, I don’t put salt anymore because of the salted eggs and chicharon.
Chicharon -
That’s it!  You are ready to serve the fried rice.  It’s delicious and very crunchy, thanks to the chicharon.
Chorizo and Chicharon Fried Rice
This Chorizo and Chicharon Fried Rice recipe serves 3 to 4. You may want to garnish it with additional chicharon and sliced tomatoes.  The tomatoes add a tasty, tender and juicy contrast to the chicharon and chorizo.  And, you can even use the tomatoes as justification to say that the dish is at least, somehow,  healthy and good for the heart!  I love pairing this with a good, cold glass of fresh orange juice.  Enjoy!

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