Comfort Zone Episode 2: STRESSED? Three Comfort Foods vs. Stress

STRESS has become part of our everyday living.  And many times, it is comfort food that saves our day.  It gives us the nourishment and energy we need to keep our sanity in place.  We look for it at the end of a long day to feel better.  Or we eat it at the start of the day to have the energy for a tough day ahead.  It is only fitting then, that the second episode of Comfort Zone feature 3 favorite comfort foods against stress (yup, Ralph Guzman has a cooking show, if you haven’t heard yet 😀 ). The good news — these recipes are all so easy to make.

On this episode are Beef Pumpkin Pie, Fusilli ala Vodka, and three kinds of quick cheesecake.  I’m most proud of the cheesecake.  It’s an easy, instant, fast way to make real cheesecake.

The write up of the recipes will be available within the week.  Please visit for updates.   Do enjoy the show, friends!  Happy cooking!  Here it is, Episode 2 of Comfort Zone with Ralph Guzman.

6 Replies to “Comfort Zone Episode 2: STRESSED? Three Comfort Foods vs. Stress”

  1. Hi Ralph. Congratulations on your 2nd Episode of Comfort Zone 🙂 I Love Cheese Cakes especially Oreo Cheese Cakes 🙂

    • Hey, Raymond! Thanks so much for watching! 🙂 Yey! See you in a few weeks! Grabe, last 2 weeks of class 🙂

    • Hey, Paolo. The theme of Comfort Zone is from a CD I purchased recently. I’ll tell you more about it when I see you one of these days. There’s a story behind it. 🙂

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