Half Meant

In case you have not seen it, PGMA was put on the spot when Press Secretary Jesus Dureza prayed that the President be able to serve beyond 2010, at the start of yesterday’s cabinet meeting.  Later during the day, the Palace pulled all the stops to make the necessary clarifications.  He clarified that the President would continue to serve in her private capacity.  But as the media would point out, such as in the reports of Jove Francisco (www.jovefrancisco.com) and Nadia Trinidad, the timing, even of a joke comes under suspicion since the Senate has just changed its leadership to Enrile, who is a supporter of charter change. Also see the report by GMA-7’s Saksi on gmanews.tv.

At the end of the day, the Palace will dismiss the prayer as yesterday’s news — a joke.  But as we say, jokes are half meant.  And for this administration, half meant as well?

If one looks more closely, take note that the real story came in the President’s reaction to Dureza.  Just listen to the camera triggers being pressed as the President reacted to Dureza’s prayer — as well as her attempts to make the whole thing off the record.  Pati ba naman dasal sa cabinet meeting, off the record?

As we jest during training, the President should have just practiced the art of dedmatology.

Let’s see next week if the Malacanang Press Corps will still be given the chance to take a photo op.

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  1. Good luck! Well, kung hindi kayo makapag-shoot next week ng cabinet meeting, you’re guaranteed a story to tell next Tuesday. If such were to happen, talagang wala nang access sa anumang info about the government. Tsk. Tsk.

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