Purple Carrots and Other Veggies Down Under

There are many things to love about Australia: the people, its tourist attractions, and of course, the foodie in me is screaming… food! Now, in relation to food, what I admire about Australia is the high standards its government has Continue reading Purple Carrots and Other Veggies Down Under

Bouchon's Macarons

Macarons, I believe are the epitome of what baking requires– precision, discipline, an eye for detail, and most importantly, good taste. These requirements are often reasons why many people — and that includes me — get intimidated at the prospect Continue reading Bouchon's Macarons

Daydreams and Recipes

Do you have daydreams?  I do– a lot.  My daydreams have variety.  Like  lofty ambitions, a vision for the company where I have my day job, projects for the house.  And of course, I daydream about food.  No, I don’t Continue reading Daydreams and Recipes