Getting There, Going Back

Hi, Friends!

Well, if you check this humble blog often enough, then you might have noticed that I went on “hiatus” starting September 2013. I did promise to resume in December, but needed to take an extended break.

While blogging– and cooking have taken the back burner these past few months, a lot has transpired — and it’s been a blissful couple of months.

Last November, I got married to my best friend, my beautiful wife.  This was the primary reason I took a break from blogging.  I realized last year that while tasks multiply, time doesn’t.  We only have 24 hours a day, and the important stuff need to take priority. So while I initially thought that blogging would be a “private” activity, I ask for understanding from you, my dear readers. A great number of you I do know and come across with often enough, and I do thank you for all the words of support throughout these months.

Planning a wedding has its fun points.  But in hindsight, I now know that the friends who got married before us were not kidding when they said that wedding planning brings a lot of stress.  But for good reason, thank goodness.  We got to plan our wedding very well, despite the challenges and even limitations.  But T and I — foodies as we are — got the food right, which we felt were the most important part of the reception.  We got to customize our menu, and we served, for them most part, our very own recipes, as well as recipes we really liked. Not just dishes from a Set A, B, or C.

Now, we are building house. The first home of any newly-married couple is, as they always say, a simple one. And I believe we are not an exception.  But I’ve always believed that you can achieve your dreams within simplicity, and that’s what we’re building. That’s what we’re realizing very soon.  We are, of course, very excited.  Personally, as as foodie, I am most excited about the kitchen.

With more time — though we are still in the midst of transitions — there is more opportunity for other things we are passionate about.  I missed blogging.  Dearly.  I love writing about food (and of course, eating it).  So I am resuming this part of my life.  I realize that while we have to set aside some activities for more important ones (and if there’s a need in the future, I would not hesitate to do it again), we have to make time for the things we love to do.  Factoring the day job, I always say work is work.  But we work for a living.  We don’t live to work.

And so, I am happy to say that I’m back!  I’m not ready to go full blast yet, but I will get there.  It’s spring, and I am doing some spring cleaning on this site.  New food trips to be posted.  New recipes coming in the next few months.  And who knows, I might just resume my show one of these days.

See you soon!  And thanks for always visiting.  Reading the many of the piled-up, unapproved comments on how some of my recipes have enriched family gatherings (now approved!), continues to be a great inspiration to continue this passion, and to continue being passionate about it each and every day.


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