Chinese New Year and Tikoy

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!  I’m sure all of you have enjoyed the celebration.  Here in the Philippines, it’s the first time that we’re celebrating it as a non-working day.  So it has been a good day to rest, try out new things, and of course, cook.  I have been cooking all day, making two recipes that would be featured on a magazine this coming summer (I’ll keep you posted on this).

For lunch, I had tikoy as my dessert.  As you may already know, tikoy is a rice cake/sweet cake — made of glutinous flour, which many people eat during this time of year.  Many people love it, and you don’t have to be Chinese to eat it (I am, I believe, 1/16 Chinese though, if my math is correct).  How do you cook your tikoy?  I discovered today that it is yummier when you cook it with egg white, instead of the whole egg.  It came out more delicious and more crispy on the outside.  You’ve got to try it.

Anyway, all this talk and eating of tikoy reminded me of a story I did five six years ago when I was still in my past life as a reporter.  When you cover too much politics, stories like this are a welcome break.  The foodie in me also jumped at the story when it was given to me.  It was certainly one of the fun things I did on TV. My apologies to non-Filipino speakers. The video does not have subtitles – yet.  Here it is.


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